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Credit Card Scam Alert

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Angels Camp, CA — Angels Camp Police are warning residents about a credit card scam. Yesterday, a credit card skimmer was found at a pump at the Nash Chevron at 686 South Main Street. Police say the device was found inside one of the gas pumps around 8:15 in the morning. A skimmer is an electronic gadget that can record credit card information.

Police say the skimmer was undetectable to customers because it was connected inside the gas pump. It is unknown exactly how long the device was in the pump, but it could have been there for up to 5 days. Police have notified other gas stations in the area to check their pumps for skimmers.

Residents are being warned to check their bank statements and credit reports for any unauthorized use. Police recommend you only use your card inside the store, and pay with cash whenever you can. Police also say the station alerting them to the skimmer will not only help them in their investigation, but also could prevent others from getting scammed.

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