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Update: Crews Fixing Water Issue In Cedar Ridge

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Update at 3:40 p.m.: While Tuolumne Utility District (TUD) crews continue to work on emergency water line repairs after a hydrant was struck on Kewin Mill Road in the Cedar Ridge area, a Boil Water Advisory has been issued for customers in certain areas within the Cedar Ridge System. Those areas are listed in the water boiling instructions to be used when using tap water for drinking and cooking, click here,  The District says it will also provide updates when the advisory is lifted after testing indicates the water is safe, and there is no longer a need to boil water. Further details on the repairs are below.

Original post at 11:57 a.m. written by BJ Hansen:  Sonora, CA — Emergency water line repairs are being made on Kewin Mill Road in the Cedar Ridge area.

TUD Spokesperson Lisa Westbrook says, “It appears a fire hydrant has been damaged, which has caused a major reduction in the district’s water supply for the Cedar Ridge area. TUD is asking all customers in the Cedar Ridge area to conserve water until the repair has been completed.”

Westbrook adds many customers will have the water completely shut off while the work is taking place. There are around 500 customers in the Cedar Ridge region.

She adds, “We are currently estimating that it could take up to four hours to complete the repair. We also want to remind people in the area that we have flaggers in the project work area on Kewin Mill Road, so travel with caution and please avoid the area if you can.”

Also of note, the Cedar Ridge area has been hit hard with power outages during the storm, and PG&E has not indicated when there will be full electricity restoration for those impacted.