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Son Remembers His Father

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California family members and friends of slain Afghan guerrilla leader Abdul Haq (Hahk), are to gather this

afternoon in Hayward to remember his courage. Haq was captured, labeled a spy and executed October 26th after sneaking into Afghanistan in an attempt to rally anti-Taliban tribes.

The 43-year-old Haq´s son, 16-year-old Abdul Majeed Arsala, lives with cousins in Union City. His mother and younger brother were killed by Afghan assassins after Haq led Afghan resistance fighters during the Soviet Union´s invasion.

His son told the San Francisco Chronicle: “I´m 16. I´ve lost my father and my mother and my brother. But as an Afghan there are people who have suffered more than me, with whole families destroyed and nothing to eat.´´ Arsala said of his father: “I feel proud, because my dad died for freedom.´´

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