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Son Remembers His Father

California family members and friends of slain Afghan guerrilla leader Abdul Haq (Hahk), are to gather this

afternoon in Hayward to remember his courage. Haq was captured, labeled a spy and executed October 26th after sneaking into Afghanistan in an attempt to rally anti-Taliban tribes.

The 43-year-old Haq´s son, 16-year-old Abdul Majeed Arsala, lives with cousins in Union City. His mother and younger brother were killed by Afghan assassins after Haq led Afghan resistance fighters during the Soviet Union´s invasion.

His son told the San Francisco Chronicle: “I´m 16. I´ve lost my father and my mother and my brother. But as an Afghan there are people who have suffered more than me, with whole families destroyed and nothing to eat.´´ Arsala said of his father: “I feel proud, because my dad died for freedom.´´