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Film Commission 2, White 0

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The Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau has won round two of the ongoing court battle between the Bureau and filmaker Robert White. White has charged that the Bureau, which previously supervised the County Film Commission, had interfered with his ability to conduct business by not issuing filming permits to his company. White operates White Vines Productions, which basically wanted to do the same type of work as the county film commission.

The court decided this week that White did not have a claim because it is not the film commission´s responsibility to issue film permits to prospective filmakers. It is the second victory for the commission as White lost in court last summer, where he charged the commission had violated the Brown act. Instead, the court ruled that White had infringed on the commission´s responsibilities by attempting to pose as the county´s film liaison, which is what the film commission does.

The two sides could face off in June as White has filed a cross complaint, charging the commission with malicious prosecution. White believes the commission is punishing him because his company would compete with the county for film projects.