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Measure I Passes

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Measure I got the votes needed to pass.

Only minutes after 8 p.m. Tuesday deadline, Tuolumne County Elections official Tim Johnson had the results.

“The unofficial results show 812 ´yes,´ and 302 ´no,´” Johnson said. According to the elections office figures, of the 2,527 registered voters in the city of Sonora, 1,114 votes were cast. Measure I passed by a 73.1 percent to 26.9 percent margin. The special measure had a 44.1 percent voter turnout, or response, mailing back in the ballots.

The 1/2 cent sales tax increase needed a 2/3 majority of the received vote to pass.

Estimated revenue from the tax is projected to be around $1.2 million a year.The additional revenue will now go only to fund the Sonora police, fire and public works departments.

City officials were celebrating the victory Tuesday night after the results were announced.

We´ll have comments from them Wednesday morning beginning at 6 a.m. on AM 1450 KVML.