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ELECTION COVERAGE – Propositions and Measures

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The election today isn´t just about candidates and elected seats. There are also a number of ballot measures in various regions, and four propositions which will appear statewide.


In Columbia, Measure H is a 3.7 million dollar bond issue, which would fund improvements at Columbia Elementary School.


In Calaveras County, Measure K would generate almost ten-million dollars in the Mark Twain School District. The money would be used for projects like a new gym at Mark Twain Elementary… as well as a new Copperopolis Middle School and improve parking as well. (requires 55% of votes to pass)

The passing of Measure L in Calaveras County would allow the San Joaquin Delta Community College District to issue 250-million dollars in bonds to improve safety and repair campus buildings.

In north Calaveras County, Measure M would let the Calaveras Unified School District sell almost 8-and-a-half million dollars in bonds to help pay for the construction of a performing arts theater at Calaveras High School, as well as the installation of athletic fields. (requires 55% of votes to pass)

And in Measure N in Calaveras County… voters will be asked to authorize an annual special tax for the Moke Hill Fire Protection District.


And as far as state propositions go…

Proposition 55 is called the Public Education Facilities Bond Act. Voting Yes would mean allowing the state to sell 12.3 billion dollars in bonds to build and renovate public schools… from the kindergarten level through college. Voting No would stop the state from selling those bonds.

Proposition 56 is titled the State Budget Initiative… and it would change the budget process for the state. A Yes vote would allow the legislature to pass the state budget and tax increase measures by a 55 percent vote… instead of a two-thirds vote. A No vote would keep the current two-thirds requirement for budget changes and tax increases in the legislature.

Prop 57 is the Economic Recovery Bond Act… and involves paying off the state of California´s debt. Voting Yes would permit the state to sell 15 billion dollars in bonds… to pay existing budget obligations. Voting No would mean selling bonds to pay off less of the same obligations at any one time.

And finally… Proposition 58 is the Balanced Budget Measure. A Yes vote would amend the state constitution to enact a balanced budget, and to limit future borrowing by the state. A No vote would keep the constitution as it is.