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Extra Enforcement in Motherlode, Modesto

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The Modesto Police Department´s Traffic unit has been conducting DUI and Driver´s License Checkpoints this week.

Monday morning, officers set up a checkpoint on Crowslanding Road where they made two arrests, issued 17 citations and impounded 11 vehicles for being operated by an unlicensed driver.

Then on Tuesday, a similar checkpoint on Carpenter Road during midday hours… resulted in officers impounding 16 more vehicles and arresting one person who had 57-thousand dollars in warrants for unlicensed driving and DUI.

The special enforcement effort was made possible thanks to a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety. Officials say Modesto has the highest injury and fatal collision rate per thousand people…. and the city also has high night collision and DUI rates as well.

Meanwhile… look for another kind of special enforcement effort going on in the Motherlode.

The California Highway Patrol says starting today… if you speed, you might want to have your license, registration and insurance card handy.

In recent years, CHP Lieutenant Mike Ayala says the amount of speeding… and the number of collisions have been on the rise. So, local CHP areas will have speed enforcement teams working to make sure drivers obey the speed limit.

Ayala also says too many people set their own speed limits… ignoring the official sign on the road… and endangering others who are on the road.