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AAA Warns Of Fire Season Danger

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Sonora, CA — As the fire season in the Mother Lode is approaching it´s peak, not only is the CDF stressing defensible space, but now AAA of Northern California is urging homeowners to prepare for the hot, dry months ahead by “firescaping” their yards.

AAA says California is the most flammable state and with fire season lasting nearly eight months of the year, it is encouraging people to minimize the chances a blaze will take hold near their homes.

On average AAA is reporting close to 6,300 fires a year damaging more than 190,000 acres. Despite the large numbers of fires in the state AAA has some preventative advice for the community: it is advising people to create a defensible perimeter around their homes, as well as to keep plants well-watered.

AAA also advises people to prepare the inside of their homes for the fire season and create a fire drill to practice with family twice a year.