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Fire Safe Council Invites Public To Fire Safe Landscaping Presentation

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Sonora, CA– Homeowners in the Sonora area as well as surrounding communities are invited to spend an evening at the Sonora City Fire Department to receive information on restoring fire safe landscaping around homes.

Sonora City Fire Department personnel will also present a history of the department, showcase capabilities, and equipment. The open to the public meeting is scheduled to be held Thursday, January 4th at 6pm in the conference room of the Sonora City Fire Department at 201 South Shepherd Street in Sonora.

Organizers say the purpose of the meeting is to provide private landowners and local fire agency officials the opportunity to discuss, consider, and form a strategic planning link that connects fire protection, emergency access routes, defensible space around homes and additional fire prevention measures needed to protect life, property, and resources from wild land fires.

Written by Alisha Cruz