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Thornton Favors Relaxed Cell Phone Tower Ordinance

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Sonora, CA — Tabled until 11AM, November the 14th … that´s the story regarding the continuing cell phone tower saga in Tuolumne County.

Fourth District Supervisor Mark Thornton, for one, is all in favor of the relaxation of the current ordinance which would free up anywhere from 45-80,000 acres of land for cell phone tower construction. At the same time Thornton admits that even if the relaxed ordinance is passed by three supervisorial votes, providers may not wish to invest in this size market. He adds that many smaller U.S. markets and even third world countries have better cell phone coverage than the Mother Lode.

According to Thornton, he, along with fellow supervisors Liz Bass and Dick Pland, would provide the needed votes to implement the proposed relaxed ordinance. Bass was missing from Tuesday´s meeting.

Written by Bill Johnson