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Mother Lode Views

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Welcome to Mother Lode Views. This is a weekly, 30 minute program created by the KVML news room discussing 'hot topics' in the Mother Lode. We've got the people that are "in the know" discussing topics that affect all our lives here in the Mother Lode. So listen in and hear it from the horse's mouth! We've also created an archive for you so if you've missed the last couple of editions, just click on the links below.

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  • 12/14/18 Tuolumne County’s General Plan Update

    The Tuolumne County General Plan Update will go before the county’s planning commission on December 19 and the board of supervisors on January 3rd. It is a constitution for growth and development. Mother Lode Views featured an overview of the … more more

  • 12/08/18 New Regional Park Planned In Standard

    Mother Lode Views focused on the development of a master plan for a regional park at the intersection of Tuolumne and Standard roads. The county is hoping to receive up to $8-million in state grant funding.  The guests were Tuolumne … more more

  • 12/03/18 New Summerville High School Superintendent

    Mother Lode Views featured the newly hired Superintendent of the Summerville Union High School District. Michael Merrill most recently served as the Principal of Calaveras High School. He talked about both the challenges and opportunities facing the district.  more

  • 11/20/18 Focus On Winter Preparedness

    Mother Lode Views focused on public safety issues ahead of the cold winter months. Topics included tree mortality projects, the potential for flooding, the flu vaccine and general safety tips. Guests included Tuolumne County Office of Emergency Services Coordinator Jason … more more

  • 11/09/18 Sonora High’s New Superintendent

    Mother Lode Views featured newly appointed Sonora Union High School District Superintendent Dr. Mark Miller. Some of the topics included his background, the district’s plan to sell excess property like the historic dome and Wildcat Ranch, how technology is changing … more more

  • 11/07/18 Columbia College Working To Connect Students To Workforce

    Mother Lode Views focused on Columbia College and its new programs and initiatives in place designed to help connect students with local employers, and in turn improve the local economy. Mother Lode Views featured the Dean of Career Technical Education … more more

  • 10/29/18 Focus On Donnell Fire In Stanislaus National Forest

    Mother Lode Views focused on the challenges in fighting the 36,000 acre Donnell Fire in the Stanislaus National Forest, which ignited on August 1st. In addition, the show featured the latest information on recovery efforts. Guests included Clint Gould, Deputy … more more

  • 10/22/18 Focus On Development, Post Donnell Fire And General Plan

    Mother Lode Views featured a pair of guests from the Tuolumne County Community Resources Agency. Topics included development projects in the works, the new General Plan update, storm damaged road projects, and post fire recovery. Guests included Assistant CRA Director of Development … more more

  • 10/13/18 Supervisor Series Features Gray

    Mother Lode Views featured District Four Tuolumne County Supervisor John Gray. He spoke about development and road projects proposed for his district, the Tuolumne County Economic Development Authority, the General Plan Update and community resiliency centers being planned for Groveland … more more

  • 10/05/18 Supervisor Series Features Brennan

    Mother Lode Views featured District One Tuolumne County Supervisor Sherri Brennan. Brennan’s district covers the greater Sonora region. Topics included the Donnell Fire, economic development and the General Plan update.  more

  • 09/29/18 Supervisor Series Features Royce

    Mother Lode Views featured District Three Tuolumne County Supervisor Evan Royce. He spoke about the response to the Donnell Fire, road projects, the General Plan Update, Economic Development and the recent budget approved.  more

  • 09/23/18 Supervisor Series Features Rodefer

    Mother Lode Views featured District Five Tuolumne County Supervisor Karl Rodefer. His district covers the great Jamestown and Columbia region. Topics included upcoming road projects, water, the General Plan update and economic development.  more

  • 09/16/18 Hanvelt Begins Supervisor Series

    Mother Lode Views started a five part series featuring the individual Tuolumne County Supervisors. District Two Supervisor Randy Hanvelt was the first guest.  more

  • 09/07/18 Latest Efforts To Combat Homelessness

    Mother Lode Views focused on efforts to curb the growth of homelessness in Tuolumne County. The most recent figures show that at least 700 residents are living homeless in the county. Guests included ATCAA Executive Director Raj Rambob and Tuolumne … more more

  • 08/31/18 New President At Columbia College

    Mother Lode Views featured the new leader of Columbia College, Dr. Santanu Bandyopadhyay. Dr. Bandyopadhyay has 21 years of experience in the higher education field. He was most recently the Executive Vice President of Educational Programs and Student Services at … more more

  • 08/25/18 New Tuolumne County Health Officer Dr. Bob Bernstein

    New Tuolumne County Health Officer Dr. Bob Bernstein discusses the opioid crisis in the nation and right here in the county. more

  • 08/17/18 New Warden At Sierra Conservation Center

    Mother Lode Views featured the newly appointed Warden of the Sierra Conservation Center.the state prison. Hunter Anglea spoke about his background, goals and challenges facing the state prison outside of Jamestown.  more

  • 08/11/18 Focus On Wildfire Activity In Mother Lode

    Mother Lode Views focused on the local response to wildfires burning in the region. While heavy containment has been gained on the Ferguson Fire near Yosemite, only limited containment has been reached on the Donnell Fire in the Stanislaus National … more more

  • 08/03/18 Focus On Behavioral Health

    Mother Lode Views featured Tuolumne County’s newly appointed Behavioral Health Director, Michael Wilson. He talked about his background and goals for the department. He also spoke about services available locally regarding mental health, suicide and substance abuse. more

  • 07/27/18 Changing Of The Guard On Sonora City Council

    Mother Lode Views featured the newest elected member of the Sonora City Council, Colette Such, and the newly selected Mayor, Jim Garaventa. Topics included Vision Sonora, homelessness and economic development.  more

  • 07/20/18 New Sonora Police Chief Turu VanderWiel

    Mother Lode Views featured the newly appointed Police Chief for the City of Sonora, Turu VanderWiel. He spoke about his background, vision for the department and recent crime trends.  more

  • 07/13/18 Focus On General Plan Update

    Mother Lode Views focused on the Tuolumne County General Plan update that county leaders hope to have completed by the end of the year. It serves as a constitution, and roadmap, for growth and development in the county. Guests include … more more

  • 07/09/18 New Tuolumne County Sheriff Bill Pooley

    Mother Lode Views featured the newly sworn in Tuolumne County Sheriff Bill Pooley. He spoke about his goals and vision for the department.  more

  • 07/02/18 Focus On Water Projects TUD GM Search

    Mother Lode Views featured Tuolumne Utilities District Interim General Manager Dave Andres and District Engineer Erik Johnson. Topics included the search for a permanent GM, projects underway and water supply.  more

  • 06/25/18 Master Stewardship Agreement

    Mother Lode Views focused on a Master Stewardship Agreement recently put in place between the Stanislaus National Forest and Tuolumne County. Guests include Tuolumne County Supervisor Randy Hanvelt, Stanislaus National Forest Supervisor Jason Kuiken, Tuolumne County Administrative Analyst Liz Peterson … more