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How to Make Time for Remodeling

If you’ve ever wanted to start rearranging and remodeling your home, then you know how much time it can take up. It’s impossibly hard to find the time that you need to make your home into what you want it to be. You might be putting it off again and again because work, sports, or family activities are always taking priority. To ensure that you can find the time to do the remodeling that you want to do, here are 5 ways to make the time without sacrificing the important things.

1. Cut the Shopping Time

For those of you who like to have a week of dinners planned out ahead of time, you know how much time grocery shopping for those items takes. You walk into the store with a list of groceries and you wander around the store from one aisle to the next picking up things here and there. It can take an hour or two just finding the ingredients. By looking into a food delivery to do the shopping for you, you’ll be able to have an extra couples hours every week that you could use to rearrange your home.

2. Assign Chores to the Kids

How many hours a week do you spend cleaning? A study done by the Australian Institute of Family Studies showed that women spend anywhere from 16 hours a week to 25 hours a week doing household chores. That means that every week, women are spending up to an entire day cleaning the house and cooking the food. You can assign your kids chores to alleviate some of the time that you spend on chores. Everyday assign each kid a set of easy chores and assign one of them to help with dinner for that night. Chores will get done faster and you gain an extra 5-6 hours every week. While you’re at it, you could even enlist your children to help you with the remodeling since you’ve saved enough time to start.

3. It’s Okay to Say “No”

You might be overly busy because when someone asks you to do something, you can’t say no. You spend hours every week going out and having lunches and dinners with friends or helping people move but you need to remember that it’s okay to have some “you-time”. Next time you feel overwhelmed by your plans, know that it’s okay to say to the next person who asks you to do something. It’s important to take advantage of your time and use it in the way that you want to.

4. Don’t Set Unattainable Goals

It’s tempting to set goals that seem easy but are actually completely unattainable. Then you spend hours and hours trying to reach it only to come out frustrated that you’ll never be able to finish it. Instead, set small goals that you can easily reach one at a time. You’ll be able to save time because you won’t be frustrated as often and you won’t be spending time on things that you won’t be able to accomplish.

5. Spend Less Time on Social Media

Social Media is where you get ideas for creative DIYs and cute remodeling ideas. It also can take up hours and hours on end. Try taking a “social media fast” for a few days every week where you don’t allow yourself to go on Facebook or Instagram. Be strict with yourself and tell yourself that no matter what, you are not allowed to open up the app on your phone. Instead, focus on other aspects of things that you need to do. If you’re feeling bored and you’re tempted to go on social media then focus your attention instead on the projects that you’ve been meaning to do around the house. There isn’t a reason why you should be bored.

By cutting time from other less-important aspects of life, you’ll find that you have a plethora amount of time available for you. You’ll be able to put that time into the other things that you have been hoping to accomplish. So, take a break and allow yourself the time that you need to make your home into the home that you want.

Written by James for Realty Times at Copyright © 2019 Realty Times All Rights Reserved.