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6 Surefire Methods To Keep Your Neighbors Noise Out

Are you suffering from clunky neighbors in the upstairs apartment, a newborn baby in the adjoining townhome or a neighbor who loves to mow the yard every Saturday morning? If you’re tired of dealing with unwanted noise, consider these surefire methods to block out your neighbors’ racket.

Install Acoustic Tiles

Acoustic tiles offer professional-grade soundproofing. They range in price, size and effectiveness. It’s best to speak to a soundproofing professional before you begin your project.

You can install acoustic tiles in your bedroom using double-sided tape. You can also use wallpaper paste for a long-term application. Either way, they will help diffuse the sound from noisy neighbors.

Seal Gaps in Your Windows and Doors

Sealing gaps can help you reduce the sounds coming from your neighbors and increase your home’s energy efficiency. Older windows and doors warp over time, creating gaps in the original seals. This not only lets in a draft and allows climate-controlled air to escape, but it also lets in more noise. You can purchase a simple bottle of insulating foam from your neighborhood hardware store.

Consider Moving Furniture

You can also block out unwanted noise with furniture. For example, if you live in a townhome, you can block noise from your neighbor’s bedroom by switching your bed to the non-adjoining wall. You can also expand your buffer by installing a bookshelf along the shared wall to muffle some of the noises coming from next door.

Add White Noise

The simplest option with low-level noise is to drown it out with something less intrusive. If you enjoy sleeping with the windows open, but can’t stand the sounds of traffic, turn on a fan in your room to drown out the noise. You could even go as far as buying a white noise machine to offer something a little different than the sounds of a fan.

Insulate the Floors

If you live in an apartment and can’t stand the noise coming from downstairs, consider installing new insulation and padding below your flooring. You can also lay down large area rugs to provide a slight buffer.

Close Your Curtains

Layers between you and the outside world serve to muffle the noises that disrupt your peace and quiet. If you have simple horizontal blinds, consider upgrading to fabric curtains instead. A fabric upgrade won’t block everything out, but it can help reduce unwanted noise.


There are many ways to block out the noises from unruly neighbors. Use these tips to help you achieve a quiet and relaxing home.

Written BY Andrea Davis for Copyright © 2016 Realty Times All Rights Reserved. Andrea Davis is the editor for Home Advisor, which helps homeowners find home improvement professionals in their area at no charge to ensure the best service in the shortest amount of time.