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Why Your Gutters Deserve Some TLC

Gutters should be an important consideration when it comes to purchasing a new home because of the expense it can cost you down the line, however, the function of gutters is often overlooked.

Gutters serve two main purposes: to make sure water does not gather on your roof and to make sure water is diverted away from your home. Disregarding the importance of gutters and gutter maintenance can lead to serious and costly damages. See what type of home issues arise when you neglect your gutter system:

Foundation Damage: When water accumulates at the base of your home, it can cause foundation and structural damage that can be serious. As water runs against your foundation for long periods of time, cracks will begin to form and, more seriously, your foundation may begin to crumble. Additionally, your basement will begin to flood as cracks allow water to seep into your home. Foundation issues are not only serious, but costly, as homeowners most likely have to pay thousands of dollars in damage.

Roof Repairs: When gutters are clogged with debris, water has nowhere to go, and it will begin to accumulate on your roof. When neglected long enough, water accumulation can contribute to surface decay and fungi. Traces of algae can weaken the shingles of your roof, causing leaks that range from minor to serious. You may be able to remove algae with an afternoon of low-pressure washing, however, extensive buildup of fungi will most likely require a professional roofing team to clean it. Dismissing clogged gutters may lead to the purchase of a new roof, which can easily cost thousands of dollars.

Mold Growth: Clogged gutters will not only contribute to mold and algae growth on the exterior of your home, but the interior, too! As water seeps into the inside of your home, mold can develop, raising health concerns for you and your family. Harmful micro-organisms can cause serious damage and lead to a variety of health symptoms such as throat irritation, nasal congestion, eye complications, coughing, and skin conditions. Mold is difficult to deal with and depending on your situation, a professional may need to take care of it.

Landscape Erosion: Clogged gutters will lead to overflowing water which will land on flower beds, small trees, and shrubs, ruining all of your landscaping efforts. This type of water runoff creates pools and puddles of stagnant water that will attract mosquitoes and other wildlife. Additionally, stagnant water around your foundation will cause your landscape to erode.

Soffit and Fascia Rotting: Your soffits and fascia are the closest part of your home to your gutters. When gutters are clogged, water will collect in your gutters and seep into your soffit and fascia board. With nowhere to go, the water will begin to rot out your fascia and soffit, causing your gutters to pull away from your home and eventually fall.

Guarding your Gutter

Gutter cleaning is still a temporary solution to a recurring problem. As an alternative solution to gutter cleaning, gutter guards are a worthy home investment since they prevent costly damages that are associated with clogged gutters.

It is important to take into consideration that not all gutter guards are created equal. Some gutter covers, like reverse curve gutter guards, feature a large opening on the front side of the gutter. This allows smaller debris to enter and clog your gutters. In fact, homeowners will most likely need to remove a reverse curve gutter guard system in order to clean their gutters twice a year.

Alternatively, a micromesh gutter protection system, like LeafFilter, features small openings that prevents all types of debris like pine needles, seed pods, and helicopters from entering gutters. Additionally, when shopping, it is also important to read gutter guard reviews and understand the company’s warranty before installation.

The addition of a gutter protection system can eliminate gutter cleaning from your home maintenance checklist and prevent damages that are caused by clogged gutters.
Article contributed to Copyright © 2015 Realty Times All Rights Reserved by LeafFilter. LeafFilter is a micro mesh gutter guard that attaches to your existing gutters and provides you with clog free gutters for the life of your home.