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Top Tips to Increase Property Value

No matter what type of real estate property you own at some point you will want to increase its value, so that you can expect higher return from it, even if you don’t decide to sell it. The key to successful increase in property value is identifying the core areas that can be improved on a budget, but can bring tremendous increase in value in the long run. Here are the ultimate tips to improve the value of any property by up to 100%:

Upgrade flooring

While, at first it seems as rather expensive and unnecessary upgrade, flooring can dramatically change the value of your house for the better. However, if you are running on a tight budget keep in mind that putting cheap carpet on top of the floor is simply not good enough. Tiles, natural stone and wooden flooring are the best options if you are serious about upgrading your property.

Consider roof renovation

The roof is often neglected, until signs of water damage appear. However, roof renovation or remodelling can bring up to 56% return on the investment in terms of increased property value, so it’s definitely worth your consideration. It will not only prevent any damage to your property, but also increases its energy efficiency dramatically. Consider this property upgrade if your roof is more than 15 years old. To find out how much this will cost you a quick call to professionals like Apex Roofing will help you get a quick answer.

Create luxurious master bedroom

If you plan on selling the property, creating luxurious master bedroom and upgrading its bathroom with spa features can have dramatic impact on the value of the entire property. After all this is what modern buyers are looking for anyways!

Greener home = Higher value

Green living and energy efficiency are incredibly important for modern property buyers for many reasons. The more eco-friendly innovation your home has, the more its value increases, so anything from air purification systems to tankless water heaters is definitely worth your utmost attention.

Free up the garage

Probably the most usable asset outside your home is the garage. Most of the people use it if not for parking, to store all kinds of useless stuff they find around their houses. Since most of the homes, especially in big cities don’t have garages, if your property includes one, this is great asset. If necessary consider renovating your garage and replacing the door.

You may need to purchase new windows!

Windows greatly contribute to improving the energy efficiency of a house, so it may be beneficial to consider upgrading the existing ones, with such that have higher heat resistant properties. The more energy efficient the windows are, the lower the electricity bill is and the higher is the value of your home.

Bathroom makeovers

Plumbing fixtures older than 10 years most definitely need an upgrade and here it’s worth to mention that you can contribute to the overall eco-friendly appeal of your home. Better plumbing helps save water, which results in lower utility bills!

Written by Lyuben Georgiev for Copyright © 2015 Realty Times All Rights Reserved.