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Got a Free Saturday Afternoon? Improve Your Home Security

Protecting your home and your family is important. Some people pay for expensive home security systems and pay monthly contracts, but you don’t have to. If you’re looking to spend some time around the house, here are some do-it-yourself home security improvements you might want to make.

Most thieves are looking for something easy to grab. Because of this it’s important not to leave valuable items lying around. An unsecured ladder is gold to a thief. Either he’ll steal it, or use it to climb up and force entry through a high window. Make it difficult for an opportunistic thief to steal or use your ladder by securing it with a lockable storage hook, like those sold by Pro-Hook. These can be bolted to your shed or garage.

If you have a shed, you’ll want to secure it as well. A thief can remove hasps and hinges from the door of the shed with a simple screwdriver. Use security screws instead of Phillips or flathead screws. Security screws take a special bit, and it’s unlikely your average thief will be prepared for that.

Lastly, any accessible hinge pins a thief comes across could be his way into your house. By hammering out the pins, the thief can remove your door completely. Foil this plan with security hinges. These hinges have a locking tab that prevents the door from opening if the hinge pin is removed.

Go High-Tech

Korner is a new technology just crowd-funded through The device is a tag which you place at the corner of any doors or windows you think might be used for illegal entry. These tags transmit a signal to a fob that plugs directly into your Internet router. A smartphone app will alert you if someone enters through one of the tagged entrances, and the fob plugged into your home router will alarm. The app will then give you two options, the first is to call the police, the second is to send a message to your trusted network. Your network is a group of people who you decide should be alerted in such an event. This way someone can go check out the house. Korner only takes a matter of minutes to set up.

While Korner is a useful new product, wouldn’t it be nice if thieves never made it through the door in the first place? To deter thieves from even attempting a break-in, consider some security cameras on the exterior of your house. Placing surveillance cameras at strategic access points can not only make sure you know who enters your home and when, but also look intimidating. Many security camera setups can be costly, but Lorex provides a large variety at affordable prices. With Lorex,  there is no monthly fee and set up is easy. With the help of instructional videos, you can set up cameras in about five minutes.


The best way to increase home safety is by being part of your community. This doesn’t just mean being friends with the neighbors. Attend events, make yourself known, and contribute to the community in meaningful ways. Have a sit-down meeting with you family to discuss home safety and what to do in case of an event or emergency. Let your family and community help keep each other safe.

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