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Color Guide To Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

The desire to update our kitchens. It never really goes away. It may ebb and flow, but it’s always there, nagging at us, dragging us to Home Depot. Causing us to spend hours on Houzz or posting to Pinterest. And the biggest offender in the kitchen is often the cabinets. Because if we want granite or quartz or some other solid surface slab countertop, there’s not really a DIY solution – or a super affordable option. Changing out the appliances is also pricey.

But cabinets…well, changing the color of your cabinets can be done. By you, even.

Want to have them professionally sprayed? Budget at least $1,000, depending on how much cabinetry you have, the prep work needed, and the type of paint or stain you choose. Or, you can do it yourself with some time and patience and more time and patience and a real good bit of elbow grease. Looking to take the leap? Here is a guide to cabinet colors that can help.

Primary colors

The bottom line Ever see a kitchen on TV with bright yellow or blue cabinets and think it looks cool? Us too. Doesn’t mean we’re going to rush right out and paint our kitchen in fire engine red.

Upside They’re unique

Downside They’re unique

Tip Experts advise people not to go so bold on their cabinets. Unless you’re not the type to get sick of things quickly and you are sure you aren’t moving anytime soon, it’s probably best to stick to a more neutral hue.


The bottom line It’s classic and it’s versatile. “A kitchen that is white makes the space feel bigger. White is also a universally appealing color and leaves a blank slate so buyers can re-envision the space,” said Houzz.

Upside It will probably always be in style.

Downside It may get boring and can lack contrast.

Tip Make sure to add in color and texture in accessories.

Dark Paint or Stain

The bottom line

Has dark wood seen its day? Depends on who you ask. Trending colors are on the light side, but “Hues of chocolate and espresso are (still) a current trend in kitchen cabinetry, according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association,” said HGTV.

Upside Can look sleek and chic with contrasting counters and floors

Downside Can look like a cave without substantial natural light.

Tip Light cabinets, dark counters; dark cabinets, light counters.


The Bottom Line

Blue has been on the interior design radar for a few years and is now trending big in kitchens.

Upside It’s hot in design circles so there is a multitude of shades available. It can accommodate a number of different styles. And, blue can also be an appetite suppressant.

Downside Blue can be moody, it won’t be in style forever, necessitating a re-paint, and blue can also be an appetite suppressant.

Tip If you love blue but you’re not sure about making such a strong commitment to the color, consider panting only the lower cabinets and sticking to a more neutral color like white for uppers.


The bottom line Gray is easily the hottest color out there right now, and seems to have staying power. But if you’re worried about the possibility that it could look dated in a few years, you might want to go with something more classic.

Upside It’s trending, so color options are abundant. Plus, it’s thought of as the new neutral, so it goes with just about everything and can range from super traditional to uber contemporary.

Downside Will you need to replace your countertops, your floors, your furniture, your accessories and your wall color once you introduce gray into your home (we would and we have)?

Tip Make sure you use a quality paint and brush/roller. Gray creates lots of shadows but can show every boo boo.

Written by Jaymi Naciri for Copyright © 2014 Realty Times All Rights Reserved.