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Installing Post and Lantern Lights- Part 5 of 7

  • Dig a hole about 2′ deep with an ordinary post hole digger or tiling spade. Run cable up through the lamppost, then fill the hole with about 12′ of concrete mix. Insert the lamppost into the concrete mix in an upright, plumb position. Use a long level or plumb bob to make sure the lamp is exactly straight. Remember, you cannot straighten it after the concrete hardens.
  • Use a bent piece of conduit to protect the turn in the cable below the post (see image). This eliminates the danger of trouble at the turn.
  • You may want to use temporary stakes and guy wires to hold the post lantern in an upright position until the concrete dries. Using four guy wires in opposite directions ensures a secure post.
  • After the concrete is completely dry, fill in the hole with dirt and seed around the post for a neat appearance.

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