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Smoke Alarm Saves Life When Fan Malfunctions

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Sonora, CA — A Sonora man is thankful to be alive today following a terrifying close call involving a flaming fan this morning.

Kris Persson woke up to a fire in his bedroom doorway thanks to the sound of his smoke alarm at 5:20am.

Persson says he was barely awake when he grabbed the fan, which was engulfed in flames, and threw it outside into the rain.

As far as the cause of fire, Persson suspects a household cleaning product which claims on the can to be “Non-Flammable.”

The two year old box fan worked perfectly until Persson cleaned it with what is commonly referred to as “Canned Air.”

Although the product says it is non-flammable, fire department officials believe that because the product was scented, it left an oily residue behind.

Persson is in the habit of regularly changing the batteries in his smoke alarm and credits it for saving his life.

Written by Sabrina Sabbagh