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Overcrowded Prisons Result In Bills Not Going Up For Vote

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Sacramento, CA — Democrats in the State Senate Public Safety Committee say all new bills that could potentially increase the amount of inmates in the overcrowded prisons will be held in committee until 2008.

Republican Dave Cogdill who represents Tuolumne County is concerned about the decision.

Cogdill says the Democrats,sent a resounding message to criminals throughout the state, ‘Commit crimes and don´t worry; our prisons are so overcrowded, we haven´t built sufficient facilities, and we can´t house you. Continue to spread gang crime; Continue to plague our communities with meth; Continue to sexually prey on our children. We don´t know what to do with you, so carry on.´”

Cogdill adds,Instead of putting off bills that address penalties and sentencing, we ought to be working double time to ensure that we have the housing to jail people who commit crimes in California. The top priority of government is to protect our citizens. We cannot simply shirk these duties because the whole system needs to be overhauled.”

He continues by saying,I hope the Senate Democrats change this course and get about doing what we were elected to do, keeping our constituents safe.”

Cogdill serves as Vice Chair of the Public Safety Committee.

Written by BJ Hansen