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TGH Financial Situation Discussed At Bielenson Hearing

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Sonora, CA — A Bielenson hearing was held this afternoon to discuss the future of Tuolumne General Hospital.

A report from County Administrative Officer Craig Pedro shows that 88 County jobs, none of which from TGH, would have to be cut if the Board of Supervisors continue to allow the hospital to run in its current capacity. A second scenario calls for major cuts in services at the hospital, and would still require a net loss of 68 county positions. A Privatization Model would actually allow for an increase of 12 county jobs. Privatization is what Pedro and his staff have recommended to the Supervisors on a preliminary basis.

Pedro says,From a pure economic standpoint once you have done the numbers, it leads you to the conclusion that it is the only model that you can afford without cuts to the General Fund departments.”

A report presented by the Camden Group estimates it will range from $8.3 to $19.2 million a year to continue to run the hospital in its current capacity over the next five years. If services are scaled down to a non-acute care level, the cost will range from $4.8 to $7.1 million during the same span. If privatization is selected, the price would range from one to $3.8 million.

A second Bielenson hearing will begin at 6pm, Monday, April 2nd, at the County Administration Center.

Written by BJ Hansen