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Builders Advocate For Change In Calaveras Building Dep’t.

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San Andreas, CA — Calaveras County builders continue to show up to the Board of Supervisors´ meetings airing their grievances over the plan check process, among other frustrations.

The county is the process of overhauling its Building Department after a preliminary audit report revealed several deficiencies. Former Building Director Ray Waller was even fired last month but with no cause cited.

One local builder Rod Weathers says outside plan check companies are inefficient and inconsistent. He also says it would be easier if the county had a list of guidelines for plan requirements.

Supervisor Bill Claudino responded to the builders by saying the county is in the process of bringing plan checking in house. He also urged the builders to meet with the Community Development Agency to resolve, what he calls, miscommunications.

Builder Mike Borean says he thinks builders are getting a bad wrap as if they are being dishonest in meeting building code requirements. He says he follows the code but it´s the inefficiencies in the process that are frustrating.

The full Building Department audit will be completed by April 1, after which a list of recommendations will be presented to resolve the issues.

Written by Vanessa Turner.