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Tuolumne County Ambulance Deploys Carbon Monoxide Monitor

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Sonora, CA– Tuolumne County Ambulance Crews are now better able to help local residents after being the first in the nation to implement a new non-invasive carbon monoxide monitor called the Rad- 57 for all patient transports.

The device allows Paramedics to instantly determine if someone has been exposed to carbon monoxide by reading seven wavelengths of light that are transmitted through a painless finger clip device attached to one of the patient´s fingers.

Officials say that by knowing if a patient has been poisoned by carbon monoxide, they can begin treating the patient immediately and determine if a patient needs to be transported to a special facility.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning often occurs when people are exposed to house or vegetation fires, poorly maintained wood or propane heaters, or to those who operate gas powered equipment in poorly ventilated areas.

Written by Alisha Cruz