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Summerville High Reigns Supreme

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Tuolumne, CA — Sunday in Los Angeles Summerville High School captured the small county division (Division 3) competition in the California State Academic Decathlon.

Principal Dave Urquhart says the competition took place in math, science, essays, history and public speaking. The main theme was China.

The nine member team was made up of seniors and juniors. There were three straight A students, three B students and three C students. Individual event winners received medals while the team took home a trophy for capturing the title.

Team members included seniors Kristina Herrera, Pilar Alomia, Evelyn DeFelice, Cindy Ripley and Taylor Rose. Junior members were Tawny Porter, Celeste Wychopen, Alex Cruz and Amy DeFelice.

The championship marks a first for Summerville High School and 25 year and retiring Coach Wayne deGennaro in this competition. The past three years the Bears had finished third, second and third respectively.

Written by Bill Johnson