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Suspicious Person/Vehicle Reported Following Sex Offender Arrest

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Sonora, CA — In response to this weeks report about 44 year old Clayton Dean Hill being arrested in front of a Jamestown school, a concerned citizen has contacted the Sheriff´s Department about another suspicious incident.

A vehicle appeared to be following some children in the Crystal Falls area on March 6. It was described as a “purplish/bluish” van with chipped paint. The male subject driving was described as having a beard. Both the van and the beard match the description of 44 year old registered sex offender Clayton Dean Hill who was arrested Friday while driving suspiciously in the area of the Jamestown School.

The two boys reportedly ran away from the person and the van because they thought his actions were suspicious.

Sheriff Jim Mele is asking residents to always be diligent in making sure children are supervised. He has put out a list of reminders for parents.

Teach your children:

To travel or play with a friend, or better yet, a group of friends. When playing, riding their bike or walking to or from school or other destinations the child is more vulnerable when they are alone.

That adults don´t usually ask children for directions. If someone stops to ask them directions, they should turn and run away from that person and that car.

If someone is following them, they should go to a place where there are people; to a neighbor´s home or into a store. Then ask for help from an adult.

Never go near a car with someone sitting in it and never go into a car without permission from a parent. They should know in whose car they are allowed to ride. Warn them that someone may try to lure them to their car by saying you said it was OK to pick them up. Tell them never to obey those, or any instructions from a person they don´t know.

If an adult asks them to keep a secret, they need to tell you about it.

Never take offerings of gifts or money from someone in a car or that they don´t know.

Never let anyone take their picture who they don´t know.

To yellHELP”, not just to scream.

As Parents, You Should:

Know where your children are at all times; never leave them unattended and never leave them sitting in a car.

Be involved in their outdoor activities.

When someone shows your child a great deal of attention, find out why.

Listen to your child when they tell you they don´t want to be with someone or go somewhere. There may be a reason you should know about.

Do not buy items that have your child´s name on them such as jackets, hats, or t-shirts. An abductor could start up a friendly conversation with your child after reading their name.

And it bears repeating. Tell your child to NEVER, EVER get into a car of a person they don´t know. Once the child is in the car their chances of survival from a child abduction drop dramatically.

Finally, if you see a suspicious person or vehicle in your area, get the best description you can, including the license number if possible, and call the sheriff´s office.

Written by BJ Hansen