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Calaveras County Takes Stock

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San Andreas, CA — Calaveras County is under budget for the year – that was the conclusion of a recent mid year budget review presented to the Board of Supervisors Tuesday.

The review pointed out that both spending and revenue are down from where they should be half way through the year. It also concluded that expenditures are exceeding revenue.

Among the reasons for the low revenue is a decline in the amount of building fees being collected. There was some speculation that the current modified building moratorium was to blame. But, county officials are quick to point out that is not the case. They say it´s a product of the overall decline in the housing market.

To remedy the situation, the county has agreed to closely monitor its revenues and expenditures as it works to prepare a proposed budget for next year.

Also, the county advised departments to continue conservative spending and will be financially cognizant during upcoming contract negotiations with employees.

Written by Vanessa Turner.