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Sonora Tea Party Protests Federal Government Policies

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Sonora, CA — “Party like it’s 1773” was written on one of the many signs in downtown Sonora Saturday.

As a protest to policies of the federal government a “Tea Party” was thrown at Courthouse Park.

“We should be running our country constitutionally and not just handing out tax money,” says Max Kernaghan, the event organizer. “If it isn’t in the constitution, the federal government isn’t supposed to do it.”

“They have been violating this since about 1932,” he adds.

The tea parties are to symbolize the Boston Tea Party of 1773. Similar events will be held across the country on April 15th.

In Angels Camp on that date, the Calaveras County Taxpayers Association will host an event from 5-7pm at Utica Park.

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