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Taxpayer Tea Party This Saturday

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Local citizens will be gathering at Sonora’s Courthouse Park this Saturday, for the first ever Tuolumne County “Taxpayer Tea Party”.

The Tea Party is being organized by Constitutional teacher and local veteran, Max Kernaghan, who was KVML’s Wednesday “Newsmaker of the Day”.

“This is to bring about public awareness that the government needs to follow the U.S. Constitution quite a bit more closely,” Kernaghan said. “A lot of our problems happen when the government diverts from the Constitution.”

Kernaghan says that this is a non-partisan event, as he feels both Republicans and Democrats have been guilty lately of not using taxpayer dollars responsibly.

The Saturday event, which takes place from 10am – 3pm, will feature cups of tea and plenty of information for everyone attending.

The “Tea Party” is representative of the American patriots of 1775, who raided the English ships in the Boston Harbor and dumped the tea, in order to protest the oppressive taxes from England.

Kernaghan said that this will be a civil protest and a true exercise in participatory democracy.

Taxpayer Tea Parties will also be held on April 15th in both Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties. ‘Citizens For Tax Relief’ will host the Tuolumne County Tea Party, beginning at Noon on Wednesday, at Courthouse Park.

The KVML “Newsmaker of the Day” is heard each weekday at 6:47, 7:47 and 8:47am.

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