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MTSJH Debuts Digital Mammography

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San Andreas, CA – Thanks to an aggressive fundraising drive by the hospital’s foundation, Mark Twain Saint Joseph’s Hospital will start offering digital mammography services.

“We are very proud to offer this new digital technology to our women in Calaveras County” says Feliciano Jiron, Hospital President. “The new technology has proven itself to be a benefit to the early detection of breast cancer and treatment.”

The Mark Twain St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation funded the cost of the new system, facility renovation and all professional fees to bring the technology to the hospital campus.

According to the Hospital, digital mammography is a system in which x-ray film is replaced by solid- state detectors that convert x-rays into electric signals. These detectors are similar to those found in digital cameras. The signals produce images that can be seen on a computer screen. Digital mammography allows radiologists to manipulate the mammogram to electronically magnify an area, change contrast or alter the brightness. Computer software aides in the detection of cancer.

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