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The Applegate Reflection

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Sonora, CA — With the Monday evening announcement that Sonora City Administrator Greg Applegate will retire in August, many are coming forth with praise for the California native.

From Tuolumne CAO Craig Pedro, "He’s a great public servant and I know he sees himself in that light … he’s tried to serve in that way. He’s been a good advocate for the city. For me personally he’s been a welcome partner in the sense that we’ve together tried to serve all the residents and not just the jurisdictions that people associate us with. It’s neat to be able to talk with someone with someone with that kind of an attitude and purpose.

Things like the Economic Development Authority, I don’t think that might have been possible had Greg and I not had the relationship that we do and in turn with our Boards it was just a good idea fundamentally but it took a guy like Greg in place at that time to pull it off."

From City Council member Hank Russell, "Well I think Greg Applegate is one of the best administrators around and I think Sonora is very fortunately to have had him for 20 years. He really will be missed. He’s a very personable man to work with … a straight shooter … we’ll miss him."

From Sonora Fire Chief Mike Barrows, "He and I have not always agreed on everything but like I told Greg, my job is to ask for something and your job is to tell me no. We understand that. I understand what his job is and he understands mine but we don’t always agree but he’s always erred on the side of the city with the best interest of the city. He’s extremely ethical. If it comes down to ethics the first thing out of Greg’s mouth is, is this going to stand the red face test?"

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