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Let’s Balance That Budget

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Sonora, CA — That’s the current mantra for Tuolumne County Administrative Officer Craig Pedro.

The question is, "How do we get it done without compromising needed services and laying off even more employees?"

The answer was suggested by Pedro before the Board of Supervisors this morning as the process of developing the 2010-11 fiscal budget continued. Pedro commented on the Easter weekend Mother Lode Views that he was looking at eliminating anywhere from 60-100 county positions defending on employee concessions.

Before the Board Pedro suggested continuing concessions (they saved 55 positions last year) and an early retirement program. The only groups that would not be included in the early retirement program would be elected officials and Tuolumne General Medical Facility health care employees.

Combining concessions and early retirement Pedro stated that he would like to reduce the number of employees that would be involuntarily laid off to between 20-30.

Pedro also added that for those who decide to entertain the "early retirement" route any salary concession they made last year would be reinstated so they would enjoy maximum retirement benefits.

The Board unanimously approved County staff’s strategies for the development of the 2010-11 fiscal budget.

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