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Money Pledge To State Parks

Sacramento, CA – Governor Jerry Brown pledges to work with the California State Legislature to direct millions of dollars in state funds to keep parks open, fix serious park maintenance problems and match donor contributions. He also thanked all Californians who have contributed time and money to save state parks.

“Much remains to be done to keep our parks open,” said Governor Brown. “The disclosure that the Parks department had millions in additional revenues is mixed-it’s better to have more money than less, but it’s totally unacceptable for Parks personnel to squirrel away public funds. I extend my deepest appreciation for the donors who have come to the aid of our parks in this time of need. I ask for their patience as we take all necessary steps to make sure this never happens again.”

Governor Brown called for the $20 million from the State Parks and Recreation Fund (SPRF) to be used to:

• Make critically needed maintenance fixes to keep parks from closing-for example, fixing water and waste treatment facilities that, if left as-is, will cause park closures.
• Establish a matching fund for contributions, so that donors know every dollar they give will go further.

The State Parks and Recreation Fund is one-time funding that can only be used for one-time costs.