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Marijuana Collective Trial Dates Set

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Sonora, CA — The case against four workers at Foothill Care Collective is scheduled for a trial readiness conference on January 23rd.

Jason Brisco, James Brisco, Rhett Schuller and Renee Lyn Rivera will appear in court and could agree to settle their individual cases. If no agreement is reached, the current jury trial date, set for February 1st, may be confirmed or postponed. If there are motions to dismiss or exclude evidence, a date for that would also be set.

The next court date for the four workers of Today’s Health Collective is a preliminary hearing on February 24th. The individuals set to appear are Sara Herrin, Nancy Smith, Jana Evans and Danny Herrin.

A preliminary hearing occurs after a readiness conference, and the prosecution will present evidence to a judge demonstrating a strong suspicion that the accused is guilty of the charges. The defense is entitled to attack the evidence, offer evidence and witnesses and the defendants may testify. The defense is also entitled to challenge the probable cause of any search or seizure of evidence.

Plea bargaining can also occur at the preliminary hearing, especially in cases involving multiple defendants.

The Jury trial for Sarah Jacobs is set for February 29th with a preliminary hearing on February 6th. Jacobs was arrested in connection with Alternative Natural Solutions in Chinese Camp.

The nine members of three medicinal marijuana collectives were arrested last May after being raided by law enforcement. The charges range from illegal cultivation, possession, transportation and sale of marijuana for profit, to conspiracy to commit a crime. The State Board of Equalization would not provide any information as to what their six people found when reviewing the collectives’ documents during the raids in May as reported in the story Pot Raid Update.


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