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Local Unemployment Rate Inches Upwards

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The unemployment rate in the Mother Lode has gone up over recent months, while the state average has remained steady.

Statistics released this morning by the California Employment Development Department put the state’s unemployment rate at 9.8 percent in January, which is unchanged from both November and December. Tuolumne County’s unemployment rate was 10.6 percent in November, 11.2 percent in December and 12.0 percent in January. Calaveras County’s rate was 11.8 percent in November, 12.0 percent in December and 13.2 percent in January.

The Mother Lode rate is much lower than many of the counties in the Central Valley. For comparison, Stanislaus is 15.6 percent, San Joaquin is 15.5 percent and Fresno is 16.0 percent. Counties with the lowest rate include Marin at 5.8 perecent, San Mateo at 6.3 percent and San Francisco at 6.8 percent.

Statewide, sectors that added jobs over recent months include hospitality, financial services, logging and construction. Sectors that have posted declines include manufacturing, transportation, trade and utilities.