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Attempted Murderer Resentenced, Gets Reduction In Time

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Sonora, CA – The crime happened in Twain Harte during the summer of 2011, with two victims involved, and changing state laws prompted the resentencing.

Tuolumne County District Attorney Cassandra Jenecke has announced that Travis Gredvig, a former convicted felon in California who was 22 at the time of this incident, was resentenced to 16 years and 8 months in state prison for two counts of first-degree residential robbery, grand theft of a firearm, and assault with a deadly weapon. That is a reduction of a little over three years from his original 20-year sentence. The conviction stemmed from a 2011 home invasion where Gredvig and an accomplice attacked two homeowners, causing great bodily injury and using a deadly weapon, a knife. The victims sustained life-threatening injuries and had to be flown out for medical care.

Regarding the change in state law, in 2015, the California Supreme Court limited the felony-murder rule to actual killers, those who participated in the underlying felony with intent to kill, and major participants who acted with reckless indifference to human life. In 2021, Penal Code Section 1172.95 codified a mechanism for inmates serving a state prison term under the old version of the felony-murder statute to request resentence. In 2023, Penal Code Section 1172.6 renumbered the prior code section and extended relief to those convicted of attempted murder under the same theories.

Gredvig filed a petition with the Court, but prosecutors argued that the personal infliction of great bodily injury and personal use of a deadly weapon during the commission of the attempted murder should disqualify him from such relief. The Court instead found that Gredvig met the initial requirements to be eligible for resentencing.

That resulted in the sentence reduction. Jenecke notes that this sentence also maintains two violent felonies, his record of seven strikes, and saves the community time and expense.