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GOP: We Must Be More Than Energy Independent

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Speaker Kevin McCarthy (CA-20) spoke to American energy workers in Columbiana County, Ohio after touring Encino Energy to learn about the challenges their industry is facing and what Congress can do to help.

McCartney was Tuesday’s KVML “Newsmaker of the Day”.

“Yesterday I heard the President give a big speech about ‘Bidenomics, said McCartney. “You know, the core of good economics for America is to become energy independent.“

According to the Speaker’s Press Release, energy dominance must be a priority for our nation, but under two and a half years of President Biden’s administration, the United States has exhibited an alarming pattern of turning to our foreign competitors for oil and natural gas rather than using our God-given resources here at home.

This sets a dangerous precedent and puts our country in a position to fail. But House Republicans understand that in America, our producers have the capacity to produce more energy, and that doing so will bolster our economy and make us more competitive against China.

“Our country doesn’t need ‘Bidenomics’—it needs to unshackle the dominance of American energy produced by American workers. The sooner President Biden ends his assault on American natural gas, the sooner this crew in Ohio can make America stronger and the world safer,” said McCartney.

While touring the Buckeye State, Speaker McCarthy, along with Representatives Bill Johnson (OH-06), Troy Balderson (OH-12), David Joyce (OH-14), and Max Miller (OH-07) held a press conference to highlight how “Bidenomics” has burdened hardworking Americans, saddling them with higher prices at the pump and more expensive energy bills.

The Press Release states that “Bidenomics” has increased the cost of living in America. However, earlier this year under Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s leadership, the House passed H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act and the Fiscal Responsibility Act, two bipartisan bills to reform America’s outdated permitting process in order to reduce costs while making it easier to produce and build critical infrastructure in America.

Highlights of Speaker McCarthy’s remarks:

“What does it mean to be energy independent? It lowers the price, it lowers inflation. It lets Americans keep more money in their pockets. But it also means jobs.

“I look to the men and women behind me – these are good paying jobs. But it makes America stronger, and it makes America a safer place, and environmentally it makes us more sound…

“We don’t want to just be energy independent, we want to be dominant.”

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