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Report of Distressed Cow Distracts Drivers On HWY 108/120

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Tuolumne County, CA – The CHP received several calls Wednesday morning regarding a supposed drowning cow in a pond off Highway 108/120 in Tuolumne County.

Several 911 callers describe a distressed cow that was stuck in the mud with water up to its chin off of the highway about a half a mile from Tulloch Dam Road between Knights Ferry and Keystone.

Clarke Broadcasting had been reporting on the cow’s dilemma throughout the morning. When the CHP was called for further details we were referred to the Tuolumne County Animal Control, which had sent an officer to the scene. Supervising Animal Control Officer Joe DeCosta shared that the cow was never in danger, chuckling, “We watched it moving in and out of the pond freely. Other cows came out (laughs) and they also got into the pond. Because of the heat and the soft vegetation inside the water, they’re going in there for a cool refreshing drink as well as a little bit of food to eat.”

The responsible cattle rancher was notified of the incident. DeCosta says even though this situation turned out to be a false alarm. He notes that they appreciate the public keeping an eye out for animals in trouble and contacting them so they can investigate the situation. DeCosta indicates with the temps still sizzling motorists may see more scenes like as he has no doubt that the “herd is going to be back into the water – they’re probably back in it now.”

  • Cow cooling off in pond off Highway 108/120
  • Cows in and near pond off Highway 109/120
  • Pond off Highway 108/120
  • Cows in and near pond off Highway 109/120
  • Cows in and near pond off Highway 109/120