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Senator Alvarado Gil Was Lone Democrat Opposing New Gun Rules

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Mother Lode Democratic Senator Marie Alvarado Gil broke with her party on legislation that would put in place a variety of new gun-related restrictions.

Senate Bill 2 passed 29-9 in the Senate, and Alvarado Gil was the only Democrat to vote no.

One of the provisions is that firearms would be prohibited from being on the grounds of any residence of the Governor or member of the legislature.

Alvarado Gil argued, “California already has the most restrictive gun laws in the country. And now, this bill aims to restrict my own rights under the second amendment.”

She stated that the bill would bring a “heavy fist” of the government to stop people from exercising Constitutional rights to protect their home, family, and life.

The bill, backed by Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Rob Bonta, would also increase the age to receive a concealed carry weapons license to 21 and increase training requirements for handling and storing of firearms. In addition, it would ban firearms in various “sensitive sites” like playgrounds, amusement parks, hospitals, and many recreation areas.

Alvarado Gil continued, “This is a country where Democracy reigns. And yet, this bill wreaks of bad policy, and this bill wreaks of dictatorship.”

Governor Newsom, and Democratic leaders, have stated that the legislation is in response to a Supreme Court ruling that made it easier to acquire Concealed Carry Weapons Permits.