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Two Shelters Open For West Point Residents Under An Evacuation Warning

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West Point, CA – Two shelters have been opened for those impacted by an evacuation warning in the West Point area of Calaveras County.

About 34 homes were placed under that warning due to a potential debris slide, and those on Barney Way near Railroad Flat Road, off Highway 26, “should be prepared for a possible evacuation order.” The warning means that residents should be prepared to leave their homes quickly if an evacuation is ordered, as reported here last night.

Calaveras County Health and Human Services, working with the American Red Cross, have opened two shelters for those who have decided to leave their homes.

County officials provided these shelter locations:

  • West Point Community Town Hall

           22283 State Route 26

           West Point, CA 95255

  • Mokelumne Hill Elementary School

           8350 State Route 26

           Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245

The current zones under the warning are E006A, E0031A, and E0033A, which can be found by clicking here for an interactive map.

For those with pets or large animals, county officials offered these shelter locations:

  • Small animals (dogs and cats) are located at the Calaveras County Animal Services shelter.

901 Jeff Tuttle Road, San Andreas, 209-754-6866

  • Large animals (livestock) to the Calaveras County Fairgrounds at 209-754-6866