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Tuolumne County Celebrates STEAM With Expo

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Sonora, CA – The Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools announced the winners of the 6th-12th grade Scientific Inquiry and Engineering Design project, with the Sonora Lions Club providing the funds to purchase awards for the deserving students. Judges carefully reviewed each project and selected the winners for 2023. The engineering design projects focused on physical science or chemistry and were divided into categories based on grade level.

Honorable mentions in the Physical Science or Chemistry category went to Pinecrest Expedition Academy’s Lucy Yorston for her “Dodge Ridge Chair 1 Model” and Columbia Elementary’s Shay Cargill for her “Acoustic Pitches.” Third place went to Columbia Elementary’s Travis Long for his “Hydroelectric Power,” while Pinecrest Expedition Academy’s Cole Harden took second place for his “Hydroelectric Energy.” Pinecrest Expedition Academy’s Zoe Rimmer’s “Solar Powered Electric Skateboard” took first place in the Physical Science or Chemistry category.

In the Life Science category, Columbia Elementary’s Aurora Olmstead took first place for her “Soil Erosion” project, while second place went to Abigail Reid for “Junk Food vs. Your Health.” Aeri Mathews won first place for her “Fur, Feathers, or Fat” project.

The organizers also awarded a STEAM Spirit Award to a project that best integrated Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. The award went to Carter Hard, a 4th-grade student at Pinecrest Expedition Academy. The Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools congratulates all the winners for their hard work, dedication, and outstanding achievements in scientific inquiry and engineering design.

List of Award Winners:
Engineering Design Projects Award Winners: Physical Science or Chemistry Winners
Honorable Mention Pinecrest Expedition Academy – Lucy Yorston “Dodge Ridge Chair 1 Model”
3rd Place Columbia Elementary – Travis Long “Hydroelectric Power”
2nd Place Pinecrest Expedition Academy – Cole Harden “Hydroelectric Energy”
1st Place Pinecrest Expedition Academy – Zoe Rimmer “Solar Powered Electric Skateboard”

Honorable Mention Columbia Elementary – Shay Cargill “Acoustic Pitches”
3rd Place Columbia Elementary – Olivia Kassa “Which Stains Teeth the Most?”
2nd Place Columbia Elementary – Elizabeth Powell “Which Liquid Will Clean the Coin Best?”
1st Place Columbia Elementary – Madilyn Andrews “Do You Really Need All of the Ingredients in a Cupcake Recipe?”

Earth Science Award Winner
1st Place Columbia Elementary – Aurora Olmstead “Soil Erosion”

Life Science Award Winners                                                                                                                                                            2nd Place Columbia Elementary – Abigail Reid “Junk Food vs. Your Health”
1st Place Columbia Elementary – Aeri Mathews “Fur, Feathers, or Fat”

STEAM Spirit Award Winner
Pinecrest Expedition Academy – Carter Hard