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Youth Vaccine Bill Lacks Support At California Capitol

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Sacramento, CA — A bill that would have allowed a group of minors to receive vaccinations without parental support will not be voted on during this legislative session.

It was one of the more contentious bills still left to be reviewed during the final hours today. The bill would have allowed anyone 15 and older to receive any vaccine that has been approved by the federal FDA, with or without parental approval. The bill was initially authored for anyone 12 and over, but it was revised to 15 in order to gain support while going through the legislative committee process. The author, Democrat Scott Wiener of San Francisco, now announces that he is pulling the legislation because it does not have enough votes to pass in the full Senate and Assembly.

It was opposed by a coalition of groups called “A Voice for Choice Advocacy.” It was among various bills being reviewed this session in response to the COVID pandemic.