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GOP Critical Of Newsom’s Climate Plan And Flex Alerts

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Sacramento, CA — Citing yesterday’s statewide Flex Alert, which called for reduced energy consumption, the Republican leader of the California Assembly is criticizing Governor Gavin Newsom’s newly announced carbon reduction goals.

Republican GOP Leader James Gallagher argues, “Energy shortages, flex alerts and blackouts are a direct result of failed Democrat policy in California. But instead of accepting this reality, the Governor and his coalition of fringe activists want to jam through a new set of laws at the last minute that will make energy less affordable and less reliable. And with inflation at a 40-year high, his timing couldn’t be any worse for Californians struggling to make ends meet.”

It was reported earlier that Governor Newsom announced a new directive about a week ago to speed up the transition to renewable energy sources and to go “carbon neutral” by 2045, and receiving all energy from sources like solar and wind.

Gallagher says the plan would cost around $130 billion and add about $50,000 to the median cost of a home.