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No Fill And Spill

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Pinecrest Lake, CA — PG&E no longer believes that Pinecrest Lake will fill to capacity this Spring.

Originally, the power company was confident that Pinecrest Lake would “fill and spill” this year.  However, that optimism has dampened.  PG&E Spokesperson Brandi Ehler now reports it is not expected to completely fill and spill over.  She explains, “Normally Pinecrest is at about 5,610 feet come Labor Day at the end of summer.  However, due to a multi-year drought, a very dry March, and very little snowpack to recharge, we anticipate a maximum elevation of Pinecrest of 5,602 feet by the April-May time frame, and that would equate to about 75% of capacity at Pinecrest.”

There are also concerns that Lyons Reservoir may not fill and spill either. This issue will be discussed at tonight’s Tuolumne Utilities District Board of Directors meeting, which starts at 5:30 p.m. T.U.D. relies on water from both Pinecrest and Lyons.  You can watch live video of the meeting in the multimedia section of (Click here)