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Columbia College Still Planning To Host Friday’s Basketball Game

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Columbia, CA — Wednesday’s Columbia College basketball game was canceled, but the team is planning to resume play this Friday at home against West Hills-Coalinga.

The campus has been closed this week following a fire that ignited near a main propane tank this past Saturday. While the tank was found to be safe, the connections to the heaters on campus needed to be replaced.

Providing an update, the Yosemite Community College District’s Vice-Chancellor of Administrative Services, Trevor Stewart, says, “We were able to get the propane running again yesterday evening and buildings are heating today.  We do expect the Friday basketball game to go on as scheduled.”

Friday had already been declared a “non-instructional day” meaning there are no classes on campus, and the same goes for Monday, which is Presidents Day. However, those items do not impact the basketball game.

If anything changes we will pass along the information.

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