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Sonora Library Ribbon Cutting

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Sonora, CA — The Tuolumne County Library celebrated completing several improvements at Sonora Main Library with an official ribbon cutting today. Tuolumne County Supervisors were on hand for the 12:15pm ribbon cutting, Evan Royce presented a resolution recognizing the Friends of the Tuolumne County Library for their support.

Maureen Frank, Deputy County Administrator, says “Tuolumne County recently, not only a remodeled the Library, but we upgraded the various services they provide.” The book shelves have been rearranged to make it easier for people in electric chairs, wheelchairs, or who have trouble getting around, better access to the books. The new front counter was also lowered, not only for wheelchairs, but also allows younger children access to check out books.

Frank says, “For the carpet it was a $80,000 cost to do the entire library. The new circulation desk, new tables, chairs, painting, the audio visual equipment, there was two sources of funding, one is a USDA grant that we received in the amount of $50,000. The other major portion of the project was paid for from the Friends of the Tuolumne County Library and they gave us over $80,000 to do a variety of different things to upgrade the library.”

Frank reported that the parking lot now has a separate exit from the entrance in response to complaints that the entrance was not wide enough. She also noted improvements to the community room is reserved over 600 times a year by community groups. A news story about the Community Meeting Room “$50,000 Upgrade At Library” is here.

A video tour of the Library is online here.

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