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Special Meeting Called Regarding Rescue Funds

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Sonora, CA — The Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors will hold a special meeting today to vote on how to use American Rescue Funds available from the federal government.

We reported earlier that an estimated $10.6-million will be coming to the county over the next few years, and the board of supervisors recently held a pair of meetings to discuss how to spend some of the initial money available. The other funds, roughly half, will be available at a later date. Many community members came up at the earlier meetings to advocate that more money be spent on law enforcement. The board indicated that money related to things like salaries will be discussed during labor negotiations. The board identified projects it would tentatively like to fund with about $3-million, but a formal vote has yet to be taken.

More discussion will be had at 9am this morning. The proposed projects are listed below:

1. Expanding the current space needs study that is being conducted to include all of the Admin Building as well as the AN Francisco building.
2. A $500,000 investment into the RAD card
3. $250,000 for Code Enforcement abatement
4. $1,000,000 for new fire apparatus
5. $60K for new GIS software and Scanner/Printer
6. Expansion of to the EOC parking lot $75,000
7. $500,000 for Non-profits
8. Cost to make improvements to Animal Control including a shower for decontamination, floor resurfacing, cat cages, and mobile computers for animal control vehicles.