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Power Lines Down In Sonora

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Sonora,CA — Sonora Police are reporting power lines down on the 700 block of Barretta Street near the South Shepherd Street intersection. There is no word if the lines are live at this time. Officers are directing traffic in the area. Also, the CHP reports an electric sign is being posted in the area to help with directing traffic. A PG & E crew has been called to the scene.

Click here for a map of the area.

Update 2:35pm: Sonora Police Department reports Barretta Street is closed northbound to Mono Way and southbound from Shepherd Street. 

Update 3:05pm: There are reports that a big tree limb may be to blame for the lines coming down.

Update 3:30pm: PG & E Spokesperson Nicole Liebelt says there are no report of power outages in the area.

Update 3:35pm: Sonora Police report a tree trimmer is now on the scene to clear away limbs.

 Update 4:15pm: Barretta Street is still closed from between Mono Way and South Shepherd Street. PG & E is still on the scene doing repairs and will be for several hours.