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Eggs For Sale?

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Sacramento, CA — Governor Jerry Brown shoots down a bill that would pay women to stimulate and harvest their reproductive eggs for research. In his veto letter, Brown says that “not everything in life is for sale nor should it be.”

AB926 would have lifted the current prohibition in state law on compensation for women who donate eggs for medical research. The bill was authored by Democratic Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla of Concord who says it would have protected women from exploitation when they serve as research subjects.

“The Governor’s veto of AB 926 is a regressive action that denies thousands of women the prospect of medical fertility breakthroughs. The Governor has taken aim at the wrong target in continuing an embargo on important research for women. Research holds hope and promise for all women,” says Bonilla.

Current law prohibits human embryos from being acquired, sold, offered for sale, received or traded for medical research.