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California Creates Committee To Review COVID Vaccines

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Sacramento, CA — California is creating a “scientific safety review workgroup” to independently review any COVID-19 vaccine before it is made available to the masses.

The announcement from Governor Gavin Newsom indicates that state leaders may be skeptical about the federal government’s efforts to fast-track a vaccine for the coronavirus.

Newsom says, “A question I often get is ‘are you going to take someone’s word for it’ as it relates to vaccines. Of course, we don’t take anyone’s word for it. We will do our own independently reviewed process.”

Newsom has appointed 11 people to the workgroup, and it is a variety of doctors and scientists, mainly from California Universities and top medical institutions.  Many vaccine candidates are currently in clinical trials and the committee will review the rollout of any vaccines approved by the federal government.

The Governor’s Office notes that it is possible a small number of doses of FDA approved vaccine could be deployed by the end of the year, but more widespread distribution is likely to come months later.