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Frisco Officer Shoots Man

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Police say an off-duty San Francisco police officer shot and killed a man who was apparently beating him in this street yesterday afternoon.

San Francisco Police spokesman Sherman Ackerson says the 36-year-old officer was approached in Chinatown by a man selling drugs. Ackerson says the officer kept walking, and the man pursued him.

The two got into an argument that escalated into a fight. Ackerson says the officer was knocked to the ground, hitting his head. Witnesses told police the man continued to hit and kick the officer who showed his badge before pulling a gun.

The officer fired and the man was pronounced dead this afternoon at San Francisco General.

Ackerson says an investigation is set to determine if the officer broke the law. It has not yet been determined whether the officer will be placed on administrative leave.

The officer was taken to the hospital suffering from what appears to be a concussion.